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Documents containing or tagged with the term Sculpture:

• Events
Exposing time / The filmic image in nature
Visionary film: circa '67
Light Reading series 8 / Adam Kossoff / Ian Kiaer
Sculpture of the screen
Light Reading series 7 / Hilary Koob-Sassen / Steven Ball
Light Reading / Early and recent work by Peter Gidal
Measures series 2 / The Cinematic Body led by Maxa Zoller
Public Domain / SAW Video
Light Reading series 9 / Brass Art with Coline Milliard
Open meetings / Minutes 1 and 2
Measures 5: Tina di Carlo / Exhibition I Exhibitionism
Unconscious archives #1 / Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics
State of Unrest / Northern Iraq
Collectif Jeune Cinema / Festival des Cinémas Différents, Paris
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012
Unconscious Archives #5 / Sculpture/ Joel Stern/ Roger Beebe / Stephen Cornford / Simon Payne
Unconscious Archives #8 / Pierre Bastien (France) / Karel Doing (Netherlands) / Louise Curham (Australia) & Alison Blunt (UK)
no.w.here summer school / Forcible Frames
Unconscious Archives #10 / Xavier Querel / Mad Needle / Phantom Chips / Jayson Haebich
Unconscious Archives Two Day Program / The Perfect Medium is the Wrong Message: Part 1
We Cannot Unsee / Film Screening
We Cannot Unsee
We Cannot Unsee / Two film screenings at Kings College London in November / December
no.w.here presents: / Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell

• Projects
IMAGE | EVENT / Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva
A Lecture from behind the screen / Summer School 2012

• Workshops
Decomposing the image in nature
One minute films
LoVid / Hand-cranked Luminescent jewellery
Creative projection / at the Serpentine
No Cameras Required! / Photograms and cameraless film making

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