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Self-funded Residencies at no.w.here

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Self-funded Residencies

Current residency artist: Miriam Sampaio

Artist Miriam Sampaio is in residence at no.w.here from May to December 2017. She will be working on 'I am the Daughter of Dead-fathers' a 16mm film which explores the affective space, sensations and memories of trauma within the PIDE headquarters (the Portuguese SS interrogation and torture centre of the Salazar fascist dictatorship in Portugal from 1926-1974).

Sampaio will use photochemical / mechanical resources at no.w.here to explore different material temporalities embedded in the film emulsion, revealing invisible emotional and psychic landscapes of family memory, political oppression, and the uncanny.

The source material for this long form work are black and white Super 8 reels shot when Sampaio broke into the former PIDE building in Lisbon as it was being converted to luxury flats.

Past residency artist: Mairi Lafferty

Mairi Lafferty was in residence at no.w.here in July 2015 to work to make an experimental 16mm film titled, Droste; a film about fire. The work was shown as part of Ripples on the Pond at Glasgows GoMA in September 2015, an all-female exhibition, in partnership with LUX Scotland and Modern Edinburgh Film School which examined gender and media choice in relation to Womens' practice and visibility.

The residency was funded by Creative Scotland Open Project Funding.

Droste is a film of struck matches, the print of which was made using the same light source as the subject of the film, a naked flame, in contrast to the process using the consistent electric light of a printing machine. In reference to the droste effect - a picture within a picture - the image on screen becomes a copy of itself, as the flare of light that makes the image visible does so to show the same thing happening on screen.

The residency provided the opportunity to explore diverse methods of hand-processing, optical and contact printing, inverting machines, running them backwards, reversing their design. This intervention at the printing stage - the collaboration between choice and chance - builds a narrative out of the process, as parts of the footage are omitted from the edit where the light gutters and flares - plunging the film into darkness or blinding white light. The omission of mechanical light inserts the hand-made and human back into the process. human inaccuracy or mis-step causes the image to travel, wander, split and shimmer.

Mairi Lafferty is an Edinburgh-based artist, working with film, sound, printmaking and performance. With roots in folklore, the gothic and the mythic utopian ideal, she uses pattern, code and gesture as a way of constructing entropic narratives through her work. She uses moving image to create spaces where there is a sense of trespass and jeopardy, images are at once true reflections of the physical world but also - like a reflection - a backward and flat imitation.


no.w.here and Sound and Music residency series: Embedded

Fari Bradley and Stephen Cornford have been selected as Embedded residency artists at no.w.here, 2012-2013.

About Embedded
Embedded is Sound and Music's artist development programme. Funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Embedded places a selection of artists from a range of disciplines into real-world artistic contexts with leading national creative organisations. Aimed at talented artists at an early stage in their career, Embedded is a bespoke programme, providing practical hands-on experience and significant creative opportunities.

About Sound and Music
Sound and Music promotes challenging contemporary music and sound art through a range of projects, incorporating live events, learning, artist development, and digital platforms. We embrace complexity and risk-taking and invite the audience to listen in new ways. Embedded, Sound and Musics artist development programme, partners a selection of ambitious artists with pioneering arts organisations and ensembles in the UK. This rolling programme encourages professional development for artists alongside the opportunity to create new work in close collaboration with high quality partners over a sustained period.


Past Embedded residency artist: Fari Bradley

An Iranian musician and sound artist in London, Fari Bradley performs Indian classical and improv sound. She also DJs little known fringe genres and creates electronic circuits and installations for art exhibitions, films and live solo and group performances e.g. at Institute of Contemporary Arts, Barbican and Glastonbury. She was the commissioned artist at the V&A Museum and twice at London Mela. Fari also produces and presents Six Pillars to Persia, a programme about Iranian arts and culture, and Free Lab Radio, a sonics and dance music show on arts-radio station Resonance 104.4FM. Fari's sound sculptures and installations are rooted in an interest in electronics, the environment, musicality and history. She has exhibited at The Prince's Galleries, Raven Row and The Studio, Harley Street. Her short films have been screened at Frieze Art Fair, Screen on the Green, the Oxo Tower and so on.

"Listening for me is not only about silence and patience, it's also about picking up something from the din. That's years of loving the capital for you! In India we studied the physical effects on people made by the classical arts, and since then it's been a method for tuning oneself in. After years of travelling and living abroad I've finally settled on a philosophy of sharing, (in discussion or dancing for example), spontaneous thinking and openness rather than a rigid ideas and pretensions."


Past Embedded residency artist: Stephen Cornford

Stephen Cornford's artistic practice stems from an abiding fascination with consumer electronics: how these devices that we are sold to consume music and imagery increasingly frame our engagement with the world at large.

Reconfiguring these media from the inside, re-imagining their functionality, defying their obsolescence and searching for their intrinsic poetry become strategies with which to challenge normative use, social conformity and the myth of technological progress.

His recent installation Binatone Galaxy amassed a constellation of tape recorders, each fitted with a customised cassette which amplified its own internal mechanics. Stephen also works as an improvising musician and has performed at Cafe Oto and Arnolfini among other venues. His work has been included in a survey exhibition of international sound art at the ZKM Centre for Art & Media, the Mediations Biennale and recordings of his work have been released by Senufo Editions and Another Timbre.

During his residency at no.w.here Stephen will be extend his investigation in the poetic potential of mechanical media to include film projectors, seeking ways in which they can produce rather than simply reproduce film.


Past residency artist: Daniel Boos

Daniel Boos is Canadian emerging moving-image artist based in London. Drawing on influences ranging from the works of artisanal filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Peter Tscherkassky, and Bill Morrison, his upcoming film Palimpsest is his first serious foray into avant-garde filmmaking. A resuscitation of authentic Super 8 home movie fragments discarded and forgotten, Palimpsest explores the parallels between emulsion film and human memory as finite embodiments of the present moment, both subject to the same forces of decay and disintegration. Daniel currently splits his time between his light-table studio in Hackney and no.w.here�s darkroom and optical printing facilities where he is shooting and hand-processing Palimpsest frame-by-frame.


Daniel acknowledges the support of the following funding partners Arts Nova Scotia and AFCOOP.

Past residency artist: Seemab Gul

Seemab Gul is a graduate from the London Film School. Seemab has written and directed various short fiction films and documentaries. She field produced a feature documentary called Kingdom of Mr.Edhi (2009), which won the Silver Award at Biarritz FIPA. In 2012, she was awarded a CBA World View bursary for research and development of various documentaries in Pakistan. She is also currently at NFTS Film Clinic making an animated documentary.

Towards a Militant Conceptualism is a film installation project dealing with the political capacity of art in the contemporary world. The film explores personal experiences of protest, confronting agents of the State and questioning the origins of law. This project is an open argument on protest and its effectiveness ending with the proposition of art as a form of protest.

Covering the period of a decade of political activism and of a simultaneous shift in perspective within the art world towards relational aesthetics, this moving image piece explores the political potency of art and protest through video archival material and 16mm film in association with art theorist and curator, Mike Watson.

Seemab is artist in residence February-June 2013. This residency was funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts program.


Past residency artist: Patti Gaal Holmes

Patti Gaal Holmes was in residence at no.w.here to work on several new Super 8 and 16mm films between January and May 2012. This residency was funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Programme.

Marking Time: Excavations in Film and Fragments Lost in the Ether
Patti�s interest in the relationship between film materiality and film content have drawn her to no.w.here, where she will explore diverse methods of hand-processing, Optical and Contact Printing, and working more directly with the filmstrip. A number of 8mm films will be blown up to 16mm and worked on, including designated position diA-Z, provisionally free and Liliesleaf Farm. designated position diA-Z takes as its starting point documentation of a performance undertaken at the tip of Africa (Diaz Beach) with the intention of creating a Sisyphian loop.

provisionally free focuses on an imaginary journey to a place longed for and tentatively remembered; and Liliesleaf Farm investigates the intersection between layers of personal and political histories - and the spectres residing within a family home in South Africa using archival and home-movie footage, still photographs and re-filming from the screen.

Patti is an artist/filmmaker working with film, photography, performance, drawing and artists books. A long-term Tea Project is also currently underway. Practice is informed by her cross-cultural identity (born in South Africa to German and Hungarian immigrants), travelling / living in various countries and discourses on history, migration, human geography and colonialism. Poetic investigations on how we live and how we observe our living also inform her practice. Patti recently completed a Doctoral thesis on A History of 1970s British Experimental Film (2011) and is Reviews Editor for the Intellect journal, Transnational Cinemas.


[IMAGE: Arts Council England Lottery Funded]

Past residency artist: Hangjun Lee

Hangjun Lee was in residence at no.w.here to make a new 16mm piece Matting Cinema in September 2011.

Matting Cinema
For 16mm film, multi projection, with exposed screen, photo-resisting sensor and speakers. This multi projection film is made from a bunch of 35mm optical printing matts, abstract images which only exist for special effects such as dissolves, fades in/out etc. This 35mm printing matte will be contact printed onto 16mm film using a photographic enlarger and synchronizer, using soundtrack stock for high contrast, and home made high contrast developer. A photo-resistant sensor behind the screen will make what I call an exposed screen to make sounds which react with the various hi-contrast abstract images on the screen. These different forms of abstract image will make sound tracks and sound patterns.

Hangjun is a filmmaker, programmer for South Koreas EXiS Festival (http://www.ex-is.org/), the editor of NAvant magazine and an independent curator. Lees films utilize multi-projection formats with at least two 16mm projectors, chemical manipulation of images and hand and machine methods of contact printing. Lee has edited the books Carl Brown (2008) and an anthology on Asian experimental media (2009). His recent works are distributed by Lightcone. Hangjun is also a member of the Balloon and Needle collective: http://www.balloonnneedle.com

Whilst in London, Hangjun Lee will be participating at two events: Sound of Fear: The Musical Universe of Horror at South Bank Centre, London. Produced by Sound and Music as part of the Vision Sound Music Festival 2011, Sound of Fear is an epic two-part event featuring an international cast of artists, critics and composers brought together in a celebration of the music and sound design of the horror film. For Sound of Fear Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki and Choi Joonyong are performing After Psycho Shower A deeply immersive and stunningly beautiful deconstruction of one of the most enduring and iconic movie scenes, Hitchcocks Psycho shower scene. Hangjun utilises 16mm multi-projection as Joonyong and Chulki distort Bernard Hermanns original score through processed electronics to conjure multiple layers of sound and image delay that dissolve colour, time and space. For more information and to book please see: http://www.soundandmusic.org/projects/sound-fear-musical-universe-horror On the 13th September Hangjun will perform solo at Unconscious Archives 2, a new collaborative program of films and performances curated by no.w.here and Other Film.


Hanjun Lee is supported by Arts Council Korea

Past Embedded residency artist: Ben Gwilliam

Sound and Music and no.w.here have offered an artist residency and bursary towards a new moving image work to Ben Gwilliam.

Ben Gwilliam is a sound artist and musician based near Halifax West Yorkshire. His work straddles the areas where sound meets fine art, film, performance & music, adopting specific approaches that are framed by the situation for looking & listening. He has exhibited & performed widely throughout Europe over the last ten years as well as releasing works on several imprints.

For his Embedded residency, Ben will be starting from recent super 8 investigations. Working sound directly onto silent film is a beginning for how image making in turn makes a soundtrack, both magnetic & optical sound can be an incidental music born out of silent image. Here, sound as a source is not necessarily one which is recorded and played back by the film medium, but by a process of making the image onto film. By doing so, Ben hopes to test how changing the image area into one which is made out of the sound can break down the image.

Furthering this, he intends to print, copy and project such experiments to explore how silent-sound film performs in the moment of listening. As possible multi projections in the cinematic space, perhaps these films are not actually sounding sound themselves.

The residency will run for approximately eight weeks, scheduled between May and Autumn 2011, ending with a screening of your finished work at no.w.here and an artist's talk.


Past residency artist: Sally Golding

Sally Golding is artist in residence at no.w.here Aug to Nov 2010. At this event she will showcase new expanded cinema for shadows, face, peep-holes and optical sound. Also featuring Golding's psychedelic colour separation live installation experiments.


"Rare embodied beams from mistresses of alchemical projection performance. Golding and Laitala deconstruct cinematic materials and apparatus, slipping between materialist investigation, sculptural forms, and bodily intervention. Cracked cinema for darkroom compositions, light bleed, contorted projection sports, dismembered narrative, whimsical instructional and wanton optics".

SALLY GOLDING | BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA | OtherFilm, Abject Leader Sally Golding is film performance artist, curator and audiovisual archivist hailing from Brisbane, Australia working on the cusp of performance, moving image art and visual hallucination. Within the framework of expanded cinema. Sally combines film-making with installation and performance. Golding deconstructs cinematic materials and apparatus, slipping between materialist investigation, sculptural forms, and bodily intervention. Cracked cinema for darkroom compositions, light bleed, contorted projection sports, dismembered narrative, whimsical instructional and wanton optics. Sally co-directs OtherFilm, a Brisbane based audiovisual and music festival dedicated to screening programs, performance events, exhibitions, workshops, articles, research, discussions and arguments.


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