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Tinting film using plant dyes
16mm eco film drop in

Rosalind Fowler: Workshop Images and Eco Film Lab

Saturday 9th January 2016, 11 - 4pm. Held at William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4PP. Free / drop in. Please follow this link
Free / drop in, please follow this link

Explore the hands-on artistic possibilities of tinting motion picture film using dyes from organic plant material from OrganicLea and beyond. This drop in session alongside artists Rosalind Fowler and James Holcombe will draw out the ideas and possibilities inherent in this simple and eco friendly creative session.

During the session we will use found wildlife footage and together make and then test out different dyes. We will also explore the possibilities of masking certain sections of the film to selectively dye only certain sections. We will screen the work we have created at various intervals in the day. You are welcome to bring along your own 16mm black and white footage to dye.

During the day Rosalind Fowler will also discuss her residency and screen short excerpts of her dyeing experiments at OrganicLea, and examples of James Holcombe's work will be shown alongside.

All films made will be screened at the end of the session.


Rosalind Fowler: Making Nowhere Somewhere
October 2015 - February 2016

Artist filmmaker Rosalind Fowler has been selected as the William Morris Gallery’s artist in residence for 2015 / 16.

Through the residency, Fowler has chosen to explore the connections between William Morris’s “ecotopian” ideals and Waltham Forest’s expanding network of urban food-growing sites. She will immerse herself in the collection at the William Morris Gallery to develop and inspire these ideas. A series of public events and activities will give an insight into Fowler's creative process and provide opportunities to engage with some of the themes and techniques she develops.

'I’m struck by similarities between Morris’s dreams for the future in which people work collectively in harmony with nature, and the network of urban growing sites that has sprung up over Waltham Forest in recent years.'
Rosalind Fowler

William Morris Gallery artist in residence 2015
Inspired by News from Nowhere, Morris’s utopian romance, the residency will focus on OrganicLea, a community gardening project near Epping Forest where Fowler volunteers. With a workers’ cooperative at its core, OrganicLea embodies the principles of community, equality and sustainability that underpinned Morris’s socialist vision.

Using a wind-up 16mm camera and eco-friendly hand-processing film techniques, Fowler will create new work in response to the place, people and politics that form OrganicLea. The film will be processed on the OrganicLea site in a specially created organic film lab which has been built inside a temporary yurt.

The residency, which is funded by Arts Council England, is open to practising artists who live, work or have a strong connection to Waltham Forest and whose work gives a new perspective on Morris’s legacy.

The residency is a partnership project between OrganicLea, no.w.here, and William Morris Gallery.

About the artist
Rosalind Fowler is an artist and filmmaker with a background in visual art and anthropology. Her work explores the politics and poetics of place and belonging in the contemporary English landscape through the prisms of folk culture, alternative communities, science fiction, pre-history and dreams.

Fowler has screened and exhibited widely, including at the ICA, BFI, Plymouth Arts Centre, Milton Keynes Gallery, Pumphouse Gallery, BBC Birmingham, and Fundação Manuel António da Mota in Porto.

About OrganicLea
The William Morris Gallery and OrganicLea are working in partnership with no.w.here to realise the residency. OrganicLea is a community food project based in the Lea Valley in north-east London. It produces and distributes food and plants locally, inspiring others to do the same. With a workers’ cooperative at its core, OrganicLea brings people together to take action towards a more just and sustainable society.


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