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Queering Love, Queering Hormones
Call for applications

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Applications will be accepted by email until 5pm on Sunday 18th October 2015. Applications which arrive after this time and date will not be considered.
Applications which arrive after this time and date will not be considered.

Queering Love, Queering Hormones: Call for applications

As part of the BFI's latest blockbuster project Love, Queering Love, Queering Hormones is calling for proposals for artists to make a new moving image work which can critically engage with the narratives and concepts that cinema utilises to talk about romantic love, and how these relate and contrast with the way that science (chiefly endocrinology) accounts for our understanding of what love is.

The project will support seven London based, emerging artists* to make short-form films with the production resources based at no.w.here, a visual research and development laboratory run by cultural workers in Bethnal Green, East London.

Each work is invited to draw upon the perceived role of ‘so-called’ love hormones (such as oestrogen, testosterone, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin) in our emotional experiences as a way of exploding tensions and assumptions between art and "hard" biomedical science when it comes to love, and between competing notions of queer romantic agency and biological determinism.

The artists selected will join scientists and researchers from Kings College and the Society for Endocrinology to form a collective for sharing the way their respective fields conceive of love, and to explore common ground and differing approaches towards the creation of moving image work.

Queering Love, Queering Hormones is a collaborative project between no.w.here, BFI, King’s College London, and The Society for Endocrinology. It is funded by Wellcome Trust.

The project launches on October 2nd 2015 with a free screening at no.w.here.

The project includes:
• A stipend of £800 towards the creation of a work and to
compensate for expenses.

• Free practical training in the use of film, as well as the use of
digital cameras, equipment, and resources based at no.w.here.
Free access to no.w.here’s project space for the duration of
the project for meetings and shoots.

• 1600ft of Colour negative 16mm film stock, processing and
telecine to HD at I-Dailies for use in digital post-production..
Free access to no.w.here’s darkroom and laboratory to explore
chemical, mechanical, and optical techniques.

• Creative and technical mentoring from artists James Holcombe
and Karen Mirza of no.w.here.

To apply:
Please provide the following information:
• Your name
• Postal address
• Postcode
• Email address
• Telephone number

Please note that no.w.here is based on the first floor of the building. Please let us know if you have specific access requirements.

In no more than 1,000 words please outline the following:

• The project you wish to make in response to the themes of ‘Queering Love, Queering Hormones'

• How you might use the resources at no.w.here**

• Please state how you think the project will be beneficial to you
as an emerging artist

• Please outline your artistic experience to date in no more than
250 words

• Please paste no more than two URL links to recent works

• If you use social media please tell us which platforms you use

• Please state your gender:

Please note that we are unable to enter into a dialogue in support of your application, but advise you to look at the FAQ below whilst preparing your application.

Once completed, please send your application as a PDF via email to: james.holcombe@no-­w­-here.org.uk

The closing date for applications by email only is 5pm on Sunday 18th October 2015. Applications sent after this time will not be considered.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Is one film being made collectively, or are we making films individually?
A: The project is for seven individual films to be made through collaboration in terms of sharing skills, ideas, time and resources at no.w.here

Q:Can anyone apply?
A: The project is open to all emerging artists, for our definition of an emerging artist please see below.

Q: Can participants explore an aspect of love and hormonal chemistry of their choice?
A: Yes

Q: Is there scope for bringing in other collaborators, such as actors/performers, and can they be reimbursed for their expenses?
A: You may bring in other collaborators for your work, but this must be at your own expense. Please note that the no.w.here project space is limited in size and so collaborations might in the main happen off site.

* There is no exact and singular definition of an emerging creative artist. We seek to support artists who show significant potential, yet are under-recognised, by providing valuable training, studio time and materials as well as a high profile platform for their work. Examples of recognition might include exhibitions, critical reviews, commissions, performances, grant awards, residencies, fellowships, publications, and productions. We will prioritise applications coming from people who lack training in the equipment and techniques involved in this project.

** Please note that the lab production space utilises chemistry in the production of images. This may be something to consider if you are sensitive to chemicals or environments where chemicals are present.


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