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The Cat on the Shoulder*
Aaton LTR Super 16mm camera workshop

All images: Edwin Mingard

Saturday 13th June 2015. no.w.here first floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AG. 10:30 - 5:30pm. no.w.here members: £160, non-members £250. Book via the online shop: nowhereshop.bigcartel.com
no.w.here members: £160, non-members £208. Book via the online shop: nowhereshop.bigcartel.com

This workshop will enable you to experiment with what has always been an industrial standard, but is now also a viable option for shooting sync sound super 16mm film within the budget of an artistís production.

To produce images in this way enables artists to plug into an industrial system which is itself moving to accommodate their needs.

The workshop will provide for practical training in the use of no.w.hereís Aaton LTR camera. Over a day, you will have a hands-on opportunity to learn the technical aspects of this camera, which shoots Super 16mm film and can be used for shooting sync sound.

Participants will shoot a 400ft roll of colour negative film on location in pairs to experience the use of the camera in the field.

Practically the workshop also covers:

How to load a 400ft mag
Charging batteries
Camera maintenance (checking the gate for hairs etc)
Sync sound shooting
The use of follow focus with the camera lens
The use of clapperboard

You will develop a holistic understanding of the workflows associated with this equipment such as:

Filling neg reports
How to speak with labs and TK operators
Production techniques which might be re-appropriated and adapted in the service of the artist.

All rushes shot will be post synced with sound and be available for viewing digitally.

The workshop is open to all, although some previous experience of working with 16mm film may be useful. The course is a prerequisite for hiring the camera, which will be available to no.w.here members.

Edwin Mingard is an artist filmmaker who uses industrial film techniques within the context of his own work, and also takes on the role of cinematographer on larger scale artists film productions. He has recently completed an artists feature film commissioned for the launch of HOME in Manchester.


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