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Diásporas críticas
An evening workshop

Nadia Granados reading in Kill Fear performance (Verónica Lahitte, 2013). Photo credit: Gastón Francisco

Tuesday 30th June 2015, 7pm - 9pm. Held at no.w.here, first floor 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road E2 0AG. Suggested donation (for self funded workshop): £5. To register / for more information please email: diasporas.criticas@gmail.com
Suggested donation (for self funded workshop): £5. To register / for more information please email: diasporas.criticas@gmail.com

This workshop will activate an archive of poetic-political texts (speeches, correspondence, manifestos and poetry), which form the practices of resistance and knowledge accumulated by a critical diaspora: a multitude of voices responding to techniques of racialisation and sexualisation, from the 16th century colonial regimes to present forms of neoliberal coloniality.

The archive has been compiled by the Barcelona based research platform Diasporas Criticas, activated by Anyely Marín (Caracas, 1977), Verónica Lahitte (Buenos Aires, 1980), Rebecca Close (London1987).

Adopting strategies of enunciation and fragmented reading, the session will traverse the work of Gloria Anzaldúa, Valerie Mason-John, Audre Lorde, Valeria Flores, Cambell X, May Ayim, Fatima El-Tayeb, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Monique Wittig, Paul B. Preciado, La Rumeur, Pedro Lemebel, Néstor Perlongher, W.I.T.C.H, Aimé Césaire, Virginie Despentes, Combahee River Collective…culminating in the production of a collectively authored audio-script. 

Diasporas criticas is a platform for artistic research that functions as a space of resistance to the neoliberal politics of racial and sexual surveillance. Operating out of the neighbourhood of Raval in Barcelona, the platform is activated by Verónica Lahitte (Buenos Aires, 1980), visual artist; Rebecca Close (Londres, 1987), researcher and writer; Anyely Marín Cisneros (Caracas, 1977) researcher, professor and producer of social television.

They work with an archive of feminist, queer and decolonial poetry, manifestos and speeches and their projects aim to creatively activate these poetic-political languages of social transformation. In collaboration with other critical diasporas they research, perform, read, archive, write, enunciate, publish, argue, produce, film, love, coordinate, discuss, do radio and present as tools of self- and collective production.

They have worked on various research projects directed by Paul B. Preciado and have given workshops and performed at Museu d'Art Contemporani Barcelona, Tate Liverpool, El Museo Ars Santa Monica, LAB2014, LabIAL and Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas Buenos Aires.


Please see the events page of this website for details of a screening of two films curated by Diasporas Criticas on July 1st 2015


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