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Sound recording for artists

Photo to the left: Tracey Fahy. All other images: Tim Bamber

SOLD OUT no.w.here first floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG.
Saturday 4th October 2014 10:30 - 5:30pm

This workshop will help you to consider the relation of sound to the images you produce. Whether you favour low-fi or hi-fi results, you'll hone your listening skills and learn the principles and practical knowledge that will allow you to capture sound professionally on your equipment – whether that's a professional audio recorder and mics, cassette tape, dictaphone, or even a mobile phone.

In approaching sound recording we can lean toward one of two positions: to adopt an experimental, chance-based approach where ignorance of the tools, in a fog of enlightenment, leads to the serendipity of discovery..or to hone a knowledgeable and informed practice from which our tools can then be misappropriated with intention and understanding.

Both approaches are valid, but where we decide to start from might be dictated in part by the technology in question.

With an emphasis on what's practically achievable for artists working solo, the workshop covers: mic principles and placement; various recording options for video, DSLR or film; syncing sound or embracing non-sync (wild) sound; radio microphones; wild-tracks and field recording.

This workshop is open to all and is suitable for artists working with sound and image in film, video, photography or installation.

Tim Bamber is a sound artist, recordist and sound designer. In addition to his own work he has recorded, edited and designed sound for artists including Alberto Duman, The Gluts, Dennis Isou, Tracey Fahy, Tom Nowell and Liberate Tate. In February 2014, Tim was invited to take part in a residency at A3 Project Space, Birmingham with Dennis Isou, researching the relation between image and sound in film practice.


“Tim knew the subject as well as the challenges self-shooters face in particular and importantly he understood how to explain the subject in terms we beginners could understand.”

“Fantastic value for money given the expertise and small class size”

“I found it all useful and I didn't feel like anything was irrelevant or superfluous in any way.”

“A dense and informative class”

“I really took a lot away from it and it filled in a lot of the gaps I had in my filmmaking arsenal”



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