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My Life as a Multiple
Contact Printer evening class

Thursdays 19.00 – 21.30
October 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st
£220 no.w.here members / £300 non-members
£220 no.w.here members
£300 non-members
Strictly limited to 4 participants

Bookings: sally.golding@no-w-here.org.uk / +44 (0)207 7294494

This hands-on micro project offers each participant the possibility to extend their filmmaking practice and experiment with artistic techniques on the Debrie 16mm contact printer. The final session is dedicated to projecting the results in an improvised informal performance in no.w.here's lab.

Through the projection of exemplary films the principles of a variety of techniques like double exposure, bi-packing, masking and the combination of negative and positive are explained.

The course is suitable for artists using 16mm who wish to extend their practice by working in a direct, tactile and material way with no.w.here’s lab equipment, as well as those who are unable to attend no.w.here's Friday and Saturday Print / Reprint workshop in November.

The workshop will be taught by filmmaker and technician Edwin Mingard.

Week One: Thursday October 10th
Introduction with examples: double exposure, bi-packing, masking, negative / positive combinations. Basic explanation of the Debrie contact printer. Hands-on exercises to learn lacing film on the contact printer.

Week Two: Thursday October 17th
Planning of a micro project by each participant, plus the selection of found-footage and / or use of your own negatives. Printing and processing of a test and demonstration of processing under a red light. First round of printing.

Week Three: Thursday October 24th
Viewing of the tests and first print runs on the Steenbeck. Each test is analyzed and further planning is done for printing of each participant's micro-project on the Debrie printer.

Week Four: Thursday October 31st
Projection of the results (Loop pates & projector loops, multiple projectors and screens) on Hallowe'en

About the Workshop Facilitator
Edwin Mingard makes short-form artist films, exploring and questioning mainstream film structures and their production methods including documentaries, music videos and narrative dramas. Alongside the production of work, Edwin has been involved in setting up and running various grass-roots and artist-led film organisations and networks around the UK and Europe. Edwin lives and works in London and the North East of England. His latest short film, The Turing Test, is currently in festivals.


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