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Tyller Vyth
A 16mm film workshop in Cornwall

11th and 12th of May 2013. For more information and to book please see: www.cinestar.org.uk/workshops.html
The course is filling up quickly and spaces are only available on a strictly first come, first serve basis. Please email: workshops[@]cinestar.org.uk (take out the brackets) to book.

CineStar has invited no.w.here lead artist James Holcombe to present a two day 16mm session, which is intended to serve as a rare opportunity to engage in a fun, exciting and highly practical way with 16mm film, as well as demonstrating the ease of creating a DIY working space in which to do so!

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot and work with black and white reversal 16mm film, and see how other equipment easily available from ebay and sourced for very little money can be used to work with celluloid. This will includes DIY methods of contact printing, black and white film processing by hand, rayogram and photograme techniques and the simplicity with which one can process motion picture film.

Participants are encouraged to come armed with questions relevant to the medium, sourcing equipment, the relevance of film to their practice, and the practicalities of running a DIY space. These will be answered as honestly and extensively as possible supported by handouts and links to relevant websites and spaces!


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