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Alex MacKenzie: Handmade Film
Creating black and white film from scratch.

no.w.here, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road
London E2 0AG
no.w.here members: £60, non-members: £75 (includes free entry to the Light Reading screening in the evening).

Using the raw ingredients of film; gelatin, potassium bromide, silver nitr ate, distilled water, and acetate, Canadian artist and film maker Alex MacKenzie will demonstrate how this unique technique can be used in image making. The workshop consists of an introduction to the chemistry of film emulsion, a discussion of technique including a contextual screening of examples, the creation of the emulsion in no.w.here’s darkroom, followed by contact printing an already existing image strip onto this new handmade material with the results being hand- processed and assessed at the end of the workshop.

This workshop is aimed at both experienced practitioners and beginners in film and includes all film stock, chemistry, and supplies, although you may wish to wear old clothes to this workshop - no.w.here will provide masks and gloves as desired. You might also consider bringing small objects of 16mm width or less to experiment with photogramming onto the filmstrips.

Please note that the price for this workshop includes entry to Alex’s L ight Reading event ‘Light Box’ in the evening.

Alex MacKenzie's practice focuses on various models of expanded cinema and light projection involving the handmade image. He was the founder and curator of the Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images, the Blinding Light! Cinema, and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival. His live works have been presented at festivals and underground screening spaces throughout Europe and North America, most recently at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Lightcone in Paris, the WNDX festival in Winnipeg and the Halifax Independent Film Festival.

Alex has presented workshops and lectures at the Concordia University Graduate Studies Program, Simon Fraser University, York University, Mount Allison University, Humboldt State University (California), Atelier MTK in France, and elsewhere. He recently completed residencies in Grenoble, France and at Struts Gallery/Faucet Media in New Brunswick.

Alex is the co-ed itor of Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Art (Anvil Press 2008), interviewed David Rimmer for Loop, Print, Fade + Flicker: David Rimmer's Moving Images (Anvil Press 2009), and is currently designing handmade film emulsions and manually-powered projection devices for gallery installation and live performance.



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