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Larry Gottheim workshop
Dancing in Your Head

30 May 2009 | 10am - 5pm
Price: 30 cons (no.w.here members or students) / 40 per person.
Price: 30 cons (no.w.here members or students) / 40 per person. To book please email: james.holcombe@no-w-here.org.uk

Since the late 1960s Larry Gottheim (b.1936) has been a driving force in the American avant-garde as both a filmmaker and founder of SUNY-Binghamton's legendary film program. Often associated with the structural film movement, Gottheim's work is informed by a profound interest in cinematic form and, increasingly, in the relation between sound and image. Among Gottheim's most celebrated and powerful films are a series of works that provide a sustained meditation on place and season, and take the rural landscapes of upstate New York as their ostensible subject.

This masterclass occurs in the same week as a Light Reading event on the 28th May at which two of his most important films, BLUES (1970) and TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (1981), will be screened.

The session will be led by Gottheim and will expand on themes in his films such as the relationship of images to sound and time, and the theme of nature in art - stretching the possibilities of what can be "experienced" through these channels. The session is for artists or filmmakers who have their own laptops, digital image capture devices such as mobile phones or cameras, and are familiar with programmes such as final cut pro, I-movie, or PC editing software (Please see below for a definitive list of what to bring to the session). The masterclass includes free entry to the Light Reading event on the 28th, and will begin with Gottheim screening a selection of his films that explore the interrelationships between image and sound, before moving into a practical digital shooting and editing session at no.w.here. The masterclass will end with participants screening works they have made during the session as part of a group critique.

As Gottheim puts it:

This workshop will create an opening to a rich new adventure in formal arrangements of sound and image working together, each working hard at the union, instead of one sleepily piggy-backing on the other. This is not only an attack on, for example, music or voice-over tracks lulling you to believe you are experiencing something or learning something. It is an invitation to new ways of experiencing cinema and of making it, a path to real thought and sonic / visual experiences. Formal exercises will result in surprising juxtapositions and will be rewarding to film and video makers interested in many different types of work.


Laptop with editing software

Compatible video camera / mobile phone with Bluetooth

There are 15 spaces available on this workshop on a first come, first serve basis. Contact James.holcombe@no-w-here.org.uk


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