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Moment to Moment
Bolex 16mm workshop at BFI

Triste, 1974-1996, Nathaniel Dorsky

Held at BFI project space
The workshop takes place over two days:
Fri 24 Oct 13:00 - 17:00
Sat 25 Oct 10:00 - 18:00
15 places; 60 per person
Book at http://www.bfi.org.uk/lff/education_online_booking
under 16mm workshop or call BFI at 020 7815 1332

Nathaniel Dorsky talks about his first encounter with avant-garde film as "discovering a unique language to film, a language that enabled the viewer to have the experience of film itself and at the same time, allowed film to be an evocation of something meaningfully human". This practical workshop approaches the camera in that same spirit.

Taking the River Thames as a shared backdrop participants will [in session one] be introduced to the 16mm bolex camera by filming in the afternoon. In session two tutors will screen and discuss the work made alongside films by artists whose themes and concerns mirror those of Dorsky, including contemporary UK artists such as Nicky Hamlyn, Nick Collins and Neil Henderson. Participants will then film with cameras for a second time creating images that will feed into discussion in the second session. No prior knowledge of filmmaking is required.

A booking for the workshop includes a reservaton for the linked screening Nathaniel Dorsky. This screening will take place on Fri 24th starting at 10.30 am and is described below:

Nathaniel Dorsky
Fri 24 October 2008, 10.30am, NFT3

A programme of sublime and deeply affecting films. Dorsky has developed a filmic language intrinsic and unique to the medium. 'Delicately shifting the weight and solidity of the images', a deeper sense of being is manifest in the interplay between film grain and natural light.

Nathaniel Dorsky will introduce his work and discuss personal filmmaking

USA, 2007, Nathaniel Dorsky, 19min
'San Francisco's winter is a season unto itself. Fleeting, rain-soaked, verdant, a brief period of shadows and renewal.' Nathaniel Dorsky

USA, 2008, Nathaniel Dorsky, 15min
'Dark and stately is the warm, graceful tenderness of the sarabande.' Nathaniel Dorsky


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