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Challenging the perception of architecture through sound and image
With Lawrence Abu Hamdan & Karen Mirza

Performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

no.w.here, London
13 & 27 September 2008 | £65/£40
Places: £40 concessions/no.w.here members, £65 full price
To book contact james.holcombe|at|no-w-here.org.uk or 0207 7294494

Places are limited, please book early

Led by Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Karen Mirza, and running over two Saturday sessions, this practical and theoretical workshop invites you to experiment with how sound and moving image works can be used to reduce the perceived permanence of architecture. Themes will include how artworks can transform our perception of architecture and space temporally, acoustically, psychologically and physically. The workshop will look at how ‘Standing Sound Waves’ work and include a live re-imagining of Alvin Luciers iconic work I am sitting in a room.

In the first session Mirza and Hamdan will show and discuss work by, amongst others, Christina Kubisch, Max Neuhaus, Alvin Lucier and Iannis Xenakis as well as examples of the sculptural use of sound by Michael Brewster and Maryanne Amacher and the sculptural use of the moving image by amongst others, Karen Mirza, Anthony McCall, Jane and Louise Wilson, and Lara Saxby-Soria. In between sessions participants will undertake their own sound / image project which will feed into discussion in the second session.

This course is open to both beginners to sound, film, video and experienced practitioners.

Mirza and Abu Hamdan will be on hand with technical experience for making your own work.


Light Reading series 8:Lawrence Abu Hamdan / Oliver Rees
Yomping:Participatory performance by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Light Reading series 8:Lawrence Abu Hamdan / Oliver Rees

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