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Light Reading series 7
Hilary Koob-Sassen / Steven Ball
no.w.here, London
30 May 2007 | 7pm
Light Reading’s 2007 series will open with a conversation between the artists Hilary Koob-Sassen and Steven Ball.

Light Reading series 6
Music for Unknown Material Continuity and Playback Devices Alone
Kingsgate Gallery, London
28 March 2007 | 7pm
Light Reading with three live performances by music collective Brown Sierra.

Light Reading series 5
Peter Cusack / Angela Impey
Kingsgate Gallery, London
29 November 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with sonic artist and musician Peter Cusack with anthropologist Angela Impey.

Light Reading series 5
Ian White / Chris McCormack
Kingsgate Gallery, London
25 October 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with Ian White and Chris McCormick on the poet Frank O'Hara.

Light Reading series 5
Vision Machine
Kingsgate Gallery
27 September 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with London based artist collective Vision Machine.

Light Reading series 5
Nicky Hamlyn / Simon Payne
Kingsgate Gallery, London
28 June 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with filmmaker Nicky Hamlyn in dialogue with artist and writer Simon Payne.

Light Reading series 5
David Cunningham / Martin Creed
Kingsgate Gallery, London
31 May 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with artists Martin Creed and David Cunningham in dialogue.

Light Reading series 5
Sarah Pucill / Helena Blaker
Kingsgate Gallery, London
29 March 2006 | 7pm
Light Reading with artist Sarah Purcill and artist/writer Helena Blaker.

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