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Light Reading series 9
Brass Art with Coline Milliard
no.w.here, London
Wedensday 24 June 7pm
A dialogue between artists Brass Art and writer Coline Milliard. no.w.here’s project space will be transformed into an immersive space in which to actively move around and experience works as well as combining critical dialogue and discussion with the artists.

Light Reading Special Event
Larry Gottheim
no.w.here, London
Thursday 28 May 7pm
Larry Gottheim presents two important films in his trailblazing career as of one of America's foremost avant-garde masters.

Light Reading series 9
Bernd Behr with Brian Dillon
no.w.here, London
Wedensday 20 May 7pm
A dialogue between artist Bernd Behr and writer and critic Brian Dillon. The event will include Behr discussing his current project Weimar Villa, as well as screening his recent works Hotel Palindrome (2006) and House Without a Door (2006).

Light Reading series 9
Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone with Mike Sperlinger
no.w.here, London
Tuesday 29 April 7pm
Ellard and Johnstone will present Proposal for an unmade film (set in the future) (2007) and a new work in progress, Machine on Black Ground (2009).

Light Reading series 9
Yaron Lapid with Gaia Tedone
no.w.here, London
Tuesday 25 March | 7pm
Yaron Lapid and curator Gaia Tedone will present a series of recent works by Lapid including Night Meter (2000), Casual Mechanisms (2007), Terms & Conditions Apply (2007) The New Zero (2007) and Arcadia, Downtown (2008.)

Light Reading series 9
David Rimmer
no.w.here, London
Tuesday 24 February | 7pm
Light Reading continues in February with a special event with the Vancouver- based artist David Rimmer.

Light Reading series 9
Brent Coughenour
no.w.here, London
4 February | 7pm
US based filmmaker Brent Coughenour will present two new audio-visual performances, Untitled and The Indomitable Human Spirit (2008) as well as two new films, Night Flight (2006) and Of Rosy Chocolates, of Gilt Umbrellas, of Moving Blooms, Jelly-Yellow (2007).

Light Reading series 8
Barbara Sternberg
no.w.here, London
19 November 2007 | 7pm
Canadian film artist Barbara Sternberg will show and discuss her film: 'Like a Dream that Vanishes' (1999) and two new works.

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