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Recoding the retina

Curzon Soho, London
4 December 2004 | 6pm

To celebrate the Hayward Gallery exhibition EYES LIES & ILLUSIONS (7 Oct 2004 - 3 Jan 2005), Curzon Cinemas present a series of screenings exploring some of its main themes: optical mechanisms, visual illusionism and early cinema.

This programme brings together a selection of key works from the essential avant-garde cinema. This thematic exploration begins as far back as the 1920s and concludes with examples of exceptional contemporary work. The programmes contextual plotting creates intersections, linking together unique and diverse artists such as Joseph Cornell and his surreal figurative collage, the concentric circularity of Marcel Duchamps Roto works to the abstracted retinal recoding of Paul Shartis. A comprehensive survey about experimentation with visual mechanics, the intricacies of film optics and the manipulation of time. Curated by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler from no.w.here. Supported by David Curtis, British Artists Film & Video Study Collection, AL Rees, Louis Bennassi.

The Midnight Party & Cotillition
Joseph Cornell, 12min, 16mm
Take Me Home
Matt Hulse, 6min, 16mm
Goodnight Ladies, Goodnight
Steve Farrer, 3min, video
A Short History of the Wheel
Tony Hill, 1min, video
Anne Rees Mogg, 5min, 16mm
Jump, Cat, Women
Tim McMillian, 1.5min, 16mm
The Miller & The Sweep
Rob Gawthrop & Joanna Millet, 5min, 16mm
Pinhole Camera Film No 1 & 2
Jennifer Nightingale, 4mins, 16mm
Anemic Cinema
Marcel Duchamp, 6min, 16mm
Paul Sharits, 12min, 16mm


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