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Larry Gottheim - From there to here
Two day residency at no.w.here

All images: Larry Gottheim

June 1st 2017 (7 - 9pm) and June 2nd 2017 (7 - 10pm)
no.w.here first floor, 316 - 318 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0AG. £3.78 members / unemployed / students or £5.90 waged / non - members. (Price includes a booking fee)
Doors 6:45pm on both nights. Tickets are available here
on a first come, first serve basis. Please note you will need to book for each night separately.
Tickets are available here
on a first come, first serve basis. Please note you will need to book for each night separately.

Larry Gottheim: From there to here

Larry Gottheim is a New York based artist and filmmaker whose work is concerned with the theme of nature in art, and whose practice explores the functions of racial, cultural and personal identity. Over a career that spans half a century, Larry’s practice began by examining the paradoxical relation between stasis and momentum in nature before moving into explorations of the complex relationship of images to sound, time, movement and becoming. Larry’s recent feature, produced across twenty-five years, extends this exploration to a zenith of refinition.

This screening is part of a touring programme of Larry’s works that will screen across Britain from the 19th May to the 27th June 2017. This programme will open at Close-Up on the 19th of May, before moving to Manchester on the 22nd of May. On the 26th, it will move to Hereford, and Hay on Wye. After the screening at no.w.here, there will be screenings in Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest, and Barcelona.

Larry Gottheim was born in 1936. He studied music and literature at University, before receiving his PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University. Larry started the Cinema Department at Binghamton University, which was the first regular undergraduate program that dealt with cinema as a personal art. Larry maintained his professorship for a time there, teaching filmmaking and aesthetics. As an artist, Larry’s films have been shown in Museums, Festivals, Universities, Art Schools and other venues in North America and Europe. Larry is currently a dealer in classical photography through Be-hold.

Day 1 (1st June 2017 7 - 9pm)

BLUES (1969) 8 ½ minutes, silent, 16fps.
CORN (1970) 11 minutes, silent, 24fps
FOG LINE (1970) 10 ½ minutes, silent, 24 fps
DOORWAY (1970) 7 ½ minutes, silent, 16 fps
THOUGHT (1970, re-titled 1980) 7 ½ minutes, silent, 16fps
HARMONICA (1971) 10 ½ minutes, sound, 24 fps
BARN RUSHES (1971) 34 minutes, silent, 16 fps.

100 mins followed by a Q&A.

Day 2 (2nd June 7pm - 10pm):

Chants and Dances for Hand (2016)

"There are scenes of Vodou ceremonies in which I participated, scenes filmed during an uprising, personal images (Hand is my son from a Haitian marriage) but this is far from a documentary. There are no sounds other than the sync sounds that accompany the images. The sections devoted to five ceremonies are separated by “Interludes” that introduce other material, some of it threaded throughout. This is a tightly wound network of sonic and visual connections, with secret passages between elements.

Thoughts about the relationship between ceremonies and personal and political life can arise, and of spectatorship in and outside of cinema, video and dreams."

Following this screening Larry will encourage the audience to delve into the structure of his editing schemes. This will be a collaborative masterclass, where questions are taken in a direct discussion with Larry's analytical engagement.

The total runtime of Chants is 47 mins.

You can see more of Larry's work with a masterclass at Lux on 31st May 2017. Please click here for more details.


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