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Screening takes place on the 13th February 2016 in Paris. For more information please see www.l-abominable.org
For more information please see www.l-abominable.org

For 10 years no.w.here has worked in London (mainly in the borough of Tower Hamlets) as a not for profit community project, an open artist platform and film laboratory built on the historical legacy of the London Filmmakers Co-Operative. no.w.here is run by cultural workers who place value and emphasis on education, resistance, collaboration and free expression.

no.w.here combines film production alongside critical dialogue about contemporary image making. no.w.here supports the production of artist works, runs multiple workshops and critical discussions, and curates performances, screenings, residencies, symposia, publications, events and exhibitions.

no.w.here is fighting eviction and is running a campaign for the right to renew its lease. You can sign the petition for our right as cultural workers to remain in East London please click here


Images of the Kola Peninsula (2016) Patrick Beveridge 3'30", 16mm B & W, silent

Somewhere Else (2014) Edwin Mingard. 1'30, B&W, sound, S16 transferred to HD video

Evil Eye (2015) Renee Vaughan Sutherland. 11'30, B&W, 16mm, silent

Tamesa (2014) Rosalind Fowler. 12', sound, colour. 16mm transferred to HD video

Droste (2015) Mairi Lafferty. 7', 16mm, B & W

The Iron Toned Lady (2014) James Holcombe. 2'46, Colour, 16mm, separate sound.

Everything for Everyone and Nothing for Us (2014) Mirza-Butler 8'50. colour, sound, HD video.

Music for a While (2012) Oliver Bancroft. 4'40 B&W, 16mm, optical sound

Elohim (2015) Leah Millar. 12', split-screen in colour and B & W, sound. 16mm and HD video, screened on video


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