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A new work by James Holcombe with live performance by Dead Rat Orchestra

Various venues, times and prices throughout May, June and July 2015 see http://deadratorchestra.co.uk/the-tyburnia-tour/4587507939 for up to date information.
see http://deadratorchestra.co.uk/the-tyburnia-tour/4587507939 for up to date information.

For over 700 years there a gallows structure was sited at Marble Arch. Known as Tyburn, on this site those who fell foul of political, religious and judicial reforms enacted by the state were executed for public entertainment and instruction.

A study of those executed at Tyburn coukd map another history of the UK, illustrating the twists and turns of monarchical and political whimsy, the battles between church and state, and the birth of capitalism.

At our current moment of enforced austerity and neoliberal (anti)social reform, Tyburnia explores the parallels between contemporary and historical notions of crime in relation to business and property, the spectacular nature of punishment, and the state's use of the body as a site for political control.

Shot on 8mm and 16mm film, the work drifts through artefacts associated with the Tyburn; reliquaries housing the remains of catholic martyrs, body parts preserved by surgeons, the bell that tolled on the eve of executions, and the eventual resting place of the gallows themselves.

Tyburnia is soundtracked by Dead Rat Orchestra, who bring to bare their gritty, rough hewn interpretations and dextrous multi-instrumentalism, to create a sound track that features songs that were composed by, or for, those condemned to 'dance the Tyburn jig', bringing a new understanding to the broadside ballads that have become a staple of folk music, but here presented in close association to their original context.

The shadow of the Tyburn Tree extended well beyond London, with gallows, whipping posts and gibbets in many market and county towns. To explore this rich and melancholy history Tyburnia will be performed as close to the location of various regional gallows as possible.

27th May, London - The Carpenter’s Arms Pub
29th May London -Apiary Studios
30th May Norwich - Norwich Arts Centre
31st May Colchester Arts Centre
5th June Bristol -Cube Cinema
6th June Lewes - Lewes Westgate Chapel
7th June Cambridge - Castle End Mission
11th June Winchester - St. John the Baptist Church
12th June Reading - Reading Rising Sun Arts Centre
14 June Royal Holloway University of London - The Boilerhouse Lecture Theatre
19th June Taunton - Museum of Somerset
20th June Lewannick - Lewannick Community Cinema
21st June Exeter - The Cavern
25th June Devizes - Wiltshire Museum
26th June Ipswich - Think Tank
3rd July Oxford - Modern Art Oxford
4th July Northampton - The Victoria
5th July Shrewsbury - Morris Hall



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