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Life Beyond Frames
summer school

Friday 16th August 2013, 7pm
£3 ... all proceeds contributing to the purchase of a Bolex camera for collective use
3rd floor, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road
London, E2 OAG
Public event as part of Forcible Frames: no.w.here's Summer School

As we come to the end of no.w.here’s Summer School, we find ourselves attempting to address the thematic thread of the 8 weeks - Forcible Frames. It still generates more questions than answers for us; how can we navigate the unknown? What apparatus do we have at our disposal? How do we learn together? What can we make, and what for? While we can traverse our ‘fields of perceptible reality’ (J. Butler, Frames of War), what processes can be enacted to take us beyond our own ‘frames’? What happens in those dissolutions? And what constructs and sustains them in the first place?

At this year's Summer School, there have been 22 participants, and 22 practitioners involved. On August 16th, we will be showing screenings and performances related to the work we have made during this programme.It’s not a condensation of our experiences, but a glimpse towards them.

We would like to continue our work together, and to collaborate with others. We hope this evening will act as a meeting point for filmmakers, and wannabe filmmakers. So if you’re interested in working with film and other people, come along.

We are also using this event as an opportunity to buy a Bolex camera to be used collectively.


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