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Stop G8 Week of Action

Wed 12th June 2013, 7pm
Entry via donation
Entry via donation

As part of the Stop G8 Week of Action, no.w.here and Stop G8 team up for a night of films and discussions around policing in the UK. We want to raise actions and debate about the camera’s agency in the role of political film-making and the camera’s implication in the policing of dissent by the state. In light of rampant political policing and brutality, as well as increasing infringements to our civil liberties, we aim to give a historical perspective on the changing face of the police and encourage discussion about the current situation. We will also discuss propaganda, and experimental approaches to political cinema, and how we can use the camera to challenge the state.

Screening Program

Durham Constabulary Training Video
(Date unknown, 14min, Durham Constabulary)

Excerpts from a police training film which focuses on crowd control, moving in formation and various
techniques for apprehending protesters.

Policing London
1984, 26min, made by Parallax for GLC, London

A drama-documentary on London's police force based on the 1983 Policy Studies Report on the police. Commissioned by Greater London Council during its brief spell of a radical socialist programme led by the Labour party. 'Believing the Metropolitan Police to be a racist organisation, Ken Livingstone appointed Paul Boateng to head the Police Committee. Considering the police a highly political organisation, he publicly remarked that "When you canvas police flats at election time, you find that they are either Conservatives who think of Thatcher as a bit of a pinko or they are National Front.'

Defeat of the Champion
2011, 25min, Ken Fero and Tariq Mehmood/Migrant Media

In Birmingham in 2010 the police covertly erected 200 CCTV cameras for ‘Project Champion’ – an anti-terrorist initiative targeting Muslims - which incensed members of the communities it was ring fencing. This documentary is the story of how Project Champion was successfully opposed by community and civil rights activists.

For more information on G8 visit: https://network23.org/stopg8


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