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An evening exploring collaborative film making

More Cooks: Bower Fleming Plewis

Saturday 1st June, 7pm
Price: £3 concession /£5 suggested donation

Join us for a night exploring what it means to make a film together. Three works made collectively under very different circumstances: Doing et al’s collective interpretation of the corporeal whole; Bower, Fleming and Plewis challenging the fetishisation of a single author with consensus decision making; Gailiunas, who taught himself film making craft so as to finish Helen Hill’s final film. A chance to see some fantastic films, including a rare screening of The Florestine Collection on its original 16mm. Followed by a discussion on the subject of collaborative work with several of the film makers.

The Florestine Collection
Paul Gailiunas/Helen Hill
16mm; 31mins; Colour; 2011

The Florestine Collection is a short film co-authored by acclaimed artist filmmaker Helen Hill and her surviving husband Paul Gailiunas. Helen found more than 100 handmade dresses in a trash pile one Mardi Gras day, and set out to make a film about the woman who had made them. The film tells a story from New Orleans before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, and explores what it means to be an artist working in a close-knit community, as well as being a heartfelt love letter to Helen Hill and New Orleans. Helen Hill was also well known and respected for Recipes for Disaster, a DIY handbook on film processes abridged from film submissions form artists and film communities.

Helen's Hill's Recipes for Disaster can be found here http://www.filmlabs.org/docs/recipes_for_disaster_hill.pdf

More Cooks
Deborah Bower, Mat Fleming and Harriett Plewis
16mm transfer to digital; 51 mins; Colour; 2012

More Cooks was made by filmmakers Bower Fleming Plewis in collaboration with residents during a month-long stay at Christiania, a Danish 'freetown' experiment in communal living that began in 1971. The film explores ideas around authorship, and attempts to subvert the notion that art is best made by channelling a single artist's 'creative vision'.

More Cooks on the LUX blog http://lux.org.uk/blog/more-cooks-or-how-make-film-about-collective-collectively

Vitaal Filmen (Vital film)
Rob Sweere, Ania Rachmat, Kana Miloning, Saskia Fransen, Edward Luyken, Jaap Kroneman,Job Horst, Ida Lohman/Fiona Tan, Doro Krol, Karel Doing, Luk Sponselee
Super8/MiniDV 32 minutes colour 1992

11 filmmakers were asked to imagine a short film about a part of the human body. The result of this process consists of the following elements: eye, hair, ear, heart, leftarm/hand, lungs, belly, cunt, bottom, legs and feet. All filmmakers were invited on the basis of earlier work, they were free in their approach of the subject. 'Vitaal Filmen' was a strict low-budget project. Produced by: Karel Doing for Studio één.

Vitaal Filmen on the Studio één website http://antipode136.org/studio/Vitaal.html

Programmed by Edwin Mingard and no.w.here. Poster by Edwin Mingard.


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