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nanopolitics group presents:
Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato

All images: The Nanopolitics Group

Wednesday October 17th 2012, doors 7pm FREE
Wednesday October 17th 2012, doors 7pm FREE

The nanopolitics group invites you to the screening and discussion of Assemblages, an audiovisual research project by Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato about Félix Guattari and his revolutionary psychiatric practice, his political activism as well as his ideas concerning ecosophy and his interest in animism especially in the Brazilian and Japanese context.

In Guattari's work and in the same manner as in animist societies, subjectivity loses the transcendent and transcendental status that characterises the Western paradigm.

Guattari’s thought and that of animist societies can find common ground in this understanding of subjectivity.

Aspects of polysemic, transindividual, and animist subjectivity also characterise the world of childhood, of psychosis, of amorous or political passion, and of artistic creation.

We have recently written a collective text around the affinities of our practice with the work of Guattari, an English version of which we are launching along with our new website on this occasion. This screening will be facilitated in nanopolitical style and entail a brief and gentle sensory-perceptual experiment, a discussion as well as a little drink to celebrate.


The nanopolitics group formed in London, UK, in January 2010, around a desire to think politics with and through experience and the body. As a group we have organized movement, theatre- and somatic based workshops and discussions, and function as a support network across militant experiences, particularly in the UK movements against austerity that have emerged in the wake of the financial and social crisis.

Contact: nanopoliticslondon@gmail.com


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