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Open meeting No. 2
29th June

FREE 7 - 9pm, on Wednesday 29th June
FREE 7 - 9pm, on Wednesday 29th June

no.w.here’s first open public meeting was held on March 17th and provided positive feedback on our recent past activities and consolidated support for our future. Since this meeting no.w.here has now received its ACE funding review, which has resulted in a 15% cut over four years up to 2015. Irrespective of this financial commitment, the systemic condition of free labour within the arts and our precarious lives provokes our continual energy to address how to continue to ask the difficult questions:

How can self-organised, artist run platforms like no.w.here maintain their independent space for research, theory and practice? Where are the supportive spaces where group discussion, collective thought, and critical practices can grow and disseminate if they are removed from the Universities? How can we continue to cultivate a grassroots radical approach to artistic practice and cultural production?

We are thinking ab out what is happening in our current aesthetic, social, political moment and how we can address it. How can we sustain values around non commercial art production? One challenge is to open up our spaces and institutions to democratic processes, to ask, for example, what is being shown at no.w.here, how is it being shown, by whom and for whom?

It is our belief that no.w.here should further its commitment to its grassroots, collective work. no.w.here’s second meeting is therefore framed around the proposition of “the working group”. This is a question as to how an open group could start to connect to questions posed, raised and discussed about what nowhere does, and could do. Our ambition is to constitute projects that create a community. A process that does not come with preconceived rhetoric of what a community is, but one which can be sustainable.

We invite you to attend this second meeting to think about how we might together create a working group(s) at no.w.here to which people might commit. Where discussions are ongoing, continued over again into the next meeting, while still leaving the process open for others to join with their energy and ideas.

It is not yet envisioned what these working groups might action on at no.w.here, this is an issue to be discussed together.

Some of the starting threads may be picked up from the last open conversation and the minutes for this meeting are available on our website under events.


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