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What will the next revolution look like?
A performance by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler

Waterside Project Space, Sunday 11 April, 6pm and at 7pm £2 no Booking necessary.
no Booking necessary.

Extracted text from Press Release: All that Remains... the Teenagers of Socialism

"The British artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler test the liminal threshold between reality and its fetishisation through the image. Their performance 'What will the next revolution look like?', which was first presented at the 2009 Werkleitz Festival in Halle, Germany, has been re-adapted especially for the context of this exhibition and will be presented at the finissage on the 11th of April. The performance is part of the artists’ ‘opus magnum’, The Museum of Non Participation. The concept of The Museum of Non Participation developed in a moment of crisis: during an artists’ residency in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2007 Mirza and Butler witnessed the Lawyers’ Movement riots at first hand. Watching the violence unfold from the window of one of the most disputed nude exhibitions in the National Art Gallery, the city outside and the gallery inside transformed into sites of confrontation. Sandwiched between these two manifestations of protest, and thus perceiving their world from an ideological ‘non-place’, the artists started to think about how to translate this (absurd) experience into their art practice. So, returning to the questions raised at the beginning of my address to you, dear visitor, I would like to ask you: what kind of form can grow in this ‘non-place’, this interface? What kind of subjectivity can develop in this ‘infra-thin’*** space? These questions already contain their answers. In my memory of growing up in West Germany in the 1980s, German identity, the ‘I’, the first person singular, was a superfluous, an excess. Like the flesh of a lemon the personal was that which remained after the squeeze; it was the overflowing spill that was pushed out under the massive weight of an unspeakable past and an unbearable present. In a personal act that is political, I place this ‘I’, this excess – subjectivity – at the centre of this exhibition". - Maxa Zoller

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