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Light Reading series 9
Samantha Rebello

Division of the Tissues 2006

no.w.here, London
Wednesday 29 July 7pm
Tickets: £5 door / £4 advance
STUDENTS and no.w.here members £3
Telephone: 02077294494
Email: james.holcombe |at| no-w-here.org.uk


Light Reading’s ninth series continues with a screening of films by artist Samantha Rebello as a critical overview of her practice to date. She will be screening some recent work including The Object Which Thinks Us: OBJECT 1 (2007), In Suspension (2008), Division of the Tissues (2006) and The Surface of Residual Matter [sound by Angharad Davies](2006). She will also screen Outer Casings of A Few Small Creatures (2004) as well as some work in progress.

Samantha Rebello’s work demonstrates a prolonged exploration and interest in the composition of sound and image. Her work deals with the materiality of the filmic subject, its surfaces and tangibility, and through the friction and merging of the two (sound and image) reveals the links between them.

She captures the familiar and the everyday, living organisms, anatomical processes and bodily movements. She has constructed a body of work that can be viewed superficially as the classification and grouping together of like objects, although in Rebello’s work they are rendered strange and other through methods such as filming close-up and the treatment of sound as object through a distension of familiar sound to a corresponding image.

"The work begins, not with a concept, but with one or more mental images and sounds which are then composed and constructed through recording and editing. The relationship between the object (to be filmed) and the camera irretrievably alters the mental image with which the film began, through becoming something unimagined. Likewise the editing process effectively destroys the initial filmed image through forcing it into relationships (with other images) which fundamentally change the way it is perceived, through the formation of correspondences and potential meaning.
The process of perceiving / reading the images- and the mutable space between the film and the viewer- is what the work is interested in exploring. Meaning appears and disappears. The film exists in its rhythms, intensities and signification where one is unable to part one from another."

The materiality of film heightens the sensual depiction of objects in Rebello’s work, thickening our visual apprehension of them through layers of saturated colour, the contrast of light and darkness, shadow and sense of texture and surface. Rebello’s subjects take their particular forms through the use of film not so much as a medium, but through a working method that harnesses the characteristics and objecthood of film itself.

Samantha Rebello has been working in film and sound since 2004. Recent screenings of her work include the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and at the Serpentine Gallery, London. The Object Which Thinks Us: OBJECT 1 (2007) won the award for Best Film at the Aurora Film Festival in 2008.


Light Reading

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