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SPNM's Sound Source
'The Art of Sampling' with Carl Stone

Horizontal Boundaries, Pat O'Neil

Kings Place, London
11 November 2008 | 8pm
Tickets start at £9.50
Visit: http://www.kingsplace.co.uk

no.w.here present a new film by Pat O'Neill with a live soundtrack performed by Carl Stone as part of SPNM's Sound Source.

The Sound Source continues its ‘magazine’ format to bring together artists and films working around the theme of sampling. It features one of the pioneers of live computer music, Carl Stone. This is his first ever UK performance. Hailed by Village Voice as ‘the king of sampling’, Stone will be playing two sets on the night: one solo, featuring a selection of compositions in which familiar music is stretched and bent into beautiful new shapes, the other, accompanying Pat O’Neill’s film Horizontal Boundaries with a live soundtrack. You can read more about the film below. The night also features People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz, who’ll provide a set of music and film collage.


Horizontal Boundaries
Pat O'Neill, USA, 2008, 24 min, live sound by Carl Stone
Pat O'Neill uses recordings of the landscape around Los Angeles as the basis of a rigorous investigation into the horizontal division of of film frames on a motion picture film strip. By transforming the material through compositing and superimposition, the image sequences are horizontally fractured revealing their edges and limits. Arranged in a series of vignettes, Horizontal Boundaries is a complex and disorientating tapestry of sliding horizon lines and shifting tectonics. The films soundtrack will be performed live by Carl Stone, providing a contrapuntal sonic landscape.


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